Stamped Concrete Services in Newark, Ohio

Services Include: acid staining, concrete stamping, concrete patios, concrete walkways and steps, concrete driveways, curbs and edging.

Anthony Hrebluk - Owner

Acid Staining

Acid stain is a chemical stain used to color new or old concrete. The acid stain is applied to the concrete surface by a pump-up sprayer or brush. Immediately upon ...

Concrete Stamping

Have you ever seen stamped concrete? It is a great way to make ordinary concrete EXTRORDINARY! We have included information below to help answer any questions you may have concerning ...

Concrete Patios

Say goodbye to your basic patio...spruce it up with one of our patterns! Multiple patterns with various color combinations make a great statement!

Concrete Driveways

Driveways do not have to be the ordinary concrete anymore!  With a combination of patterns we can create a custom beautifully designed piece of art! We used the European Fan ...

Concrete Walkways & Steps

Sidewalks and porches make a beautiful entrance to any home! Add a curve to your sidewalk to for added beauty. Get creative with your steps! Add a special touch to ...

Curbs and Edging

Decorative Curb and Concrete specializes in custom edging of your flowerbeds.  What better way to make a statement with your garden and keep a clean line all year long! We ...

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